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History of Rotary Club

"Service above Self"

Rotary International is one of the greatest charities in the world, having been formed in 1905 in Chicago with the vision of one man, Paul P. Harris. The Chicago Attorney originally formed the organisation as a place where professional with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas and form meaningful friendships. The name 'Rotary' came from the practice of rotating meetings among the member's offices.

By 1910 there were sixteen Rotary Clubs, all in the USA, and by 1912 the name was changed to 'Rotary International' to reflect the addition of clubs in other countries.

We have now arrived at the point where there are over 1.2 million members in 35,000 clubs throughout 200 countries. Rotary International now spends around £1,000,000 a day throughout the world in pursuing it's aim of helping those in need and developing communities in pursuing the motto 'Service above Self'.

The Rotary Club of Gosport is one of the oldest Clubs in the U.K. having been formed in 1919 and receiving it's Charter on the 1st of April that year. Whilst being a part of Rotary International we, like every other Club, are autonomous in our everyday activities. We are part of a group of Clubs in, and surrounding, Portsmouth who often work and socialise together, this group has its position in District 1110 who deal directly with Rotary International of Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) who, in turn, respond to Rotary International with the Headquarters in the USA.

Rotary International has a Charity of it's own known as Rotary Foundation which is funded by every Club and from whom it is possible to obtain Grants towards the funding of Projects.

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